Graeme Brown
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  April 9, 1979
Speciality:  Lead-out
Height:  178cm
Weight:  77kg


Things that Graeme likes to do in his spare time:
What I like to do in my spare time varies on what is happening in my house at the time. If everything is calm and fine, I very much enjoy a game of golf but mainly just playing with my 3 boys. My eldest two boys love to ride bikes so we explore on two wheels lots.

Things that Graeme wants to do:
I like to keep my family happy, be it by taking them for a ride or going to the beach.

The reason why Graeme loves riding a bike:
I love to race, it has been what I have done for the past 33 years. The stress of competition, the thrill of winning and the hurt of training is what I enjoy.

Places where Graeme would like to go:
Home. I have spent years living all around the world for the past 16 years and am very happy to be at home in Australia.

People who Graeme likes to spend time with:
I like to spend time with my wife, children and family.

People who inspire Graeme and why:
I am inspired by Shane Kelly since the mid 90's. He just got on and did his job through highs and lows and did a pretty good job at it too. Actually I have had sideburns since then because of "Kels".

Things that Graeme values in a teammate:
I value respect and someone that goes 110% for the team goal.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Graeme would like to develop:
In 2015 I want to make a successful 'lead out train' in Drapac Pro Cycling team and help to develop the younger riders. Aside from this, I want to start laying the foundations for my coaching business post cycling.

Will Clarke
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  April 11, 1985
Speciality:  Rouleur
Height:  192cm
Weight:  81kg

Work hard, stay healthy, be successful.


Things that Will likes to do in his spare time:
I like to spend time at home in Tasmania on my family's farm and also at the beach.

Things that Will wants to do:
Have a successful cycling career and live a healthy, happy life.

The reason why Will loves riding a bike:
I enjoy racing and the feeling when you are really fit and in good shape.

Places where Will would like to go:
Iceland and a road trip across America.

People who Will likes to spend time with:
My family, friends and my cycling team.

People who inspire Will and why:
Hard working, successful people.

Things that Will values in a teammate:
Honesty and those who give life all they can.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Will would like to develop:
More skills that would come in handy after cycling.

General Classification, Climber
Dylan Girdlestone
Nationality:  South African
DOB:  October 11, 1989
Speciality:  General Classification, Climber
Height:  185cm
Weight:  67kg

Believe in the impossible.


Things that Dylan likes to do in his spare time:
Relax, tinker with mechanical and electrical things such as cars, motorbikes and electronics, fishing, model hobbies and watch some TV.

Things that Dylan wants to do:
Grow as a cyclist to the highest level in the sport and compete for GC in the Grand Tours, marry my girlfriend of 6 and a half years, start a family, give back to cycling once I have “made it” in the sport.

The reason why Dylan loves riding a bike:
Speed and thrills, freedom, competitiveness and environmentally friendly.

Places where Dylan would like to go:
Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Madagascar, Hawaii.

People who Dylan likes to spend time with:
My girlfriend Charleen, her family, my family, my good friends Vernon, Tyron and Reinardt, our dogs Kodi and Vicky. I also enjoy humble people with personality.

People who inspire Dylan and why:
My friend Reinardt because he is making a big success in his life whilst maintaining a humble attitude towards others and staying grounded. Jens Voigt also inspires me due to his diehard attitude and always gives his all for his teammates. Magitians such as Dynamo to an extent as they make you believe in the impossible.

Things that Dylan values in a teammate:
Loyalty, positivity and respect.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Dylan would like to develop:
Make new friends in Australia and expand my brand.

Robbie Hucker
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  March 13th 1990
Speciality:  All-rounder
Height:  181cm
Weight:  65kg

Chase your dreams.


Things that Robbie likes to do in his spare time:
Spend time with friends and family, read the odd book and relax.

Things that Robbie wants to do:
More traveling (without a bike), Build a house and learn another language, maybe Spanish.

The reason why Robbie loves riding a bike:
The freedom it gives you, keeps to fit and healthy.

Places where Robbie would like to go:
Rotorua in New Zealand and Ibiza.

People who Robbie likes to spend time with:
My girlfriend, friends and family

People who inspire Robbie and why:
Anyone that has a passion to succeed in something in life, and people that chase their dreams.

Things that Robbie values in a teammate:
Passion, Honesty, dedication and knows how to have a laugh.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Robbie would like to develop:
Being on the road as much as we are missing birthdays and many other social events happens frequently, so I would like to catch up with friends and family more in 2015.

Brenton Jones
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  December 12, 1991
Speciality:  Sprinter
Height:  182cm
Weight:  81kg

Coach and mentor of talented young athletes.


Things that Brenton likes to do in his spare time:
Spend time with friends, go to the beach, teach kids sport for Active After School Care, coach and mentor talented young athletes, ride his motorbike and go out for dinner or brunch to trendy cafés.

Places where Brenton would like to go:
Back to Europe, to explore the many beautiful and historic places on offer. The scenery is amazing, but the quality of foods in the different countries is also a highlight.

People who Brenton likes to spend time with:
His family, girlfriend, school friends, teammates and family friends.

People who inspire Brenton and why:
Cadel Evans, for inspiring all who try to follow his path and for representing himself respectively on and off the bike. My parents, for being supportive and teaching me the skills and life lessons I need to succeed.

Things that Brenton values in a teammate:
Honesty, loyalty, leadership, commitment and sacrifice.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Brenton would like to develop:
Coaching and teaching skills, to help others reach their goals and supporting the future stars of our sport.

General Classification, Time trialist
Jordan Kerby
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  August 15, 1992
Speciality:  General Classification, Time trialist
Height:  179cm
Weight:  71kg

Future coach.


Things that Jordan likes to do in his spare time:
Catch up with friends and drink coffee

Things that Jordan wants to do:
Have a successful cycling career along with creating my own coaching business.

The reason why Jordan loves riding a bike:
The adventures, the comradeship between teammates and the great feeling after a good result.

Places where Jordan would like to go:
Canada and Mt Everest.

People who Jordan likes to spend time with:
Friends and family.

People who inspire Jordan and why:
People who invest their time and have a passion in helping others.

Things that Jordan values in a teammate:
Honesty, humour and professionalism

In 2015, outside of cycling, Jordan would like to develop:
To continue my study and do my level 1 coaching course.

General Classification, Time trialist
Martin Kohler
Nationality:  Swiss
DOB:  July 17, 1985
Speciality:  General Classification, Time trialist
Height:  177cm
Weight:  70kg

Cyclist and rockstar.

Things that Martin likes to do in his spare time:
Hang out with friends, play the guitar (in my band), go to the movies, go on holidays.

Things that Martin wants to do:
Carry on as a bike rider for some more years, later be a rock star, then retire happily.

The reason why Martin loves riding a bike:
Competition, speed, being out on nature, this clears my head of the daily stress and keeps me fit.

Places where Martin would like to go:
Caribbean, nice beaches or nice mountains.

People who Martin likes to spend time with:
My girlfriend, my parents, my friends, my teammates.

People who inspire Martin and why:
Roger Federer. He is an all time legend in tennis, always kept his feet on the ground and is inspiring as a person, not just an athlete.

Things that Martin values in a teammate:
Honesty and a good sense of humor.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Martin would like to develop:
My band to get world famous.

Time Trialist
Peter Koning
Nationality:  Dutch
DOB:  December 3, 1990
Speciality:  Time Trialist
Height:  190cm
Weight:  77kg

It is a team and individual sport.


Things that Peter likes to do in his spare time:
Go on a holiday, hang out with my girlfriend and family and go out for dinner.

Things that Peter wants to do:
Today I enjoy getting the best out of myself as an athlete. After life as a cyclist, I would like to be able to enjoy the good life.

The reason why Peter loves riding a bike:
I like the fact that it is an individual and team sport. Cycling is a hard endurance sport where you have to fully concentrate and be in top condition physically and mentally, I like that.

Places where Peter would like to go:
Caribbean, Curacao.

People who Peter likes to spend time with:
My girlfriend Dian, family, friends and the team.

People who inspire Peter and why:
First person I think about is my dad because he showed me that it is rewarding to work hard and enjoy life.

Things that Peter values in a teammate:
Honesty, respect and commitment to aim for the best.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Peter would like to develop:
To gain more knowledge about the economy and accountancy for small businesses.

General Classification, Climber
Darren Lapthorne
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  March 4, 1983
Speciality:  General Classification, Climber
Height:  182cm
Weight:  70kg

Ride for a teammate like you expect them to ride for yourself.


Things that Darren likes to do in his spare time:
Riding my motorbike, sailing and spending time with my family.

Things that Darren wants to do:
Contribute back to helping young cyclist develop in my hometown Bendigo.

The reason why Darren loves riding a bike:
The freedom it gives me, the excitement of racing and pushing my body to the limit. The adrenaline of racing is amazing.

Places where Darren would like to go:
The Greek Islands.

People who Darren likes to spend time with:
My wife Jessica, daughter Florence and son Louis.

People who inspire Darren and why:
My parents. They gave my sister and myself the best life, opportunities and upbringing anyone could wish for.

Things that Darren values in a teammate:
A teammate that is genuine, passionate and would ride just as hard as I would for them.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Darren would like to develop:
I would like to develop my organisation and planning skills to manage family life, cycling and future as best as possible.

Time Trialist
Travis Meyer
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  June 8, 1989
Speciality:  Time Trialist
Height:  178cm
Weight:  68kg

Continue to find balance in life.


Things that Travis likes to do in his spare time:
Reading, movies, late afternoon coffee under the patio!

Things that Travis wants to do:
Keep travelling, furnish my house more, continue to find balance in life.

The reason why Travis loves riding a bike:
To stay fit, competition and goals, it's my passion.

Places where Travis would like to go:
Colorado USA, Asia.

People who Travis likes to spend time with:
My wife and positive people.

People who inspire Travis and why:
Anyone who is making a difference in the world.

Things that Travis values in a teammate:
Commitment, passion and drive.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Travis would like to develop:
Areas in which I can learn and grow and achieve success after cycling.

General Classification, Climber
Lachlan Norris
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  January 21st 1987
Speciality:  General Classification, Climber
Height:  177cm
Weight:  67kg

Grows his own vegetables.


Things that Lachlan likes to do in his spare time:
Work the vege garden, mountain bike, read, go on some sort of adventure in the outdoors.

Things that Lachlan wants to do:
Meet people, learn stuff, do cool things.

The reason why Lachlan loves riding a bike:
I love the feeling of being fit, taking on an always changing atmosphere be it countries, hotels, mountains, weather, roads, people.

Places where Lachlan would like to go:
Alaska, Patagonia and South America.

People who Lachlan likes to spend time with:
My family and friends outside of bike racing and sometimes, surprisingly, my teammates!

People who inspire Lachlan and why:
People who dedicate their lives to making it better for others to live and my folks, they are impressive people.

Things that Lachlan values in a teammate:
Honestly, Selflessness.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Lachlan would like to develop:
I would like to lay some foundations for what my life would look like without cycling, from a career standpoint.

All-rounder (except Sprint)
Cameron Peterson
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  December 4th 1983
Speciality:  All-rounder (except Sprint)
Height:  180cm
Weight:  67kg

Cycling is a great way to see the world.


Things that Cameron likes to do in his spare time:
Fishing, 4WD Moto, MTB, snowboarding travelling, hanging out with my friends and girlfriend.

Things that Cameron wants to do:
Experience all of Australia by car and bike. Start my own business. Become an active member of my local community. Give back to the sport of cycling in some way. Buy a house and live the dream.

The reason why Cameron loves riding a bike:
Friends, travelling, it’s a great way to see the world, lifestyle, riding with my club PelotonSports, challenge, freedom, competition, plus you can eat whatever you want.

Places where Cameron would like to go:
Antarctica, Space, pretty much everywhere really.

People who Cameron likes to spend time with:
Girlfriend, mates, teammates, my bikes.

People who inspire Cameron and why:
Haile Gebrselassie, Matt Koorey.

Things that Cameron values in a teammate:
Friendship, honesty, trust, professionalism, sacrifice.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Cameron would like to develop:
Business and professional skills.

General Classification, Time trialist
Adam Phelan
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  August 23, 1991
Speciality:  General Classification, Time trialist
Height:  182cm
Weight:  73kg

Ride and feel free.


Things that Adam likes to do in his spare time:
To read and get outdoors.

Things that Adam wants to do:
Continue to travel world and experience new cultures (and food!). Learn a new language.

The reason why Adam loves riding a bike:
Obviously for the freedom, that empowering feeling hasn’t left me since I started riding at a young age and I think it will last throughout my whole life. Getting to meet people from all across the world who all have a similar passion to you, but come from a completely different walk of life.

Places where Adam would like to go:
New York, Nepal, Canadian Rockies, Queenstown and the list goes on.

People who Adam likes to spend time with:
With my family (and my dog!), good friends and my girlfriend, or anyone interesting and has thought provoking ideas.

People who inspire Adam and why:
People who are motivated to achieve their goals and make a difference in the world, and people that have time to listen and be genuine to one another.

Things that Adam values in a teammate:
Can have a laugh, work hard, motivate others, and people who just help build morale up and bring the best out of others.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Adam would like to develop:
To be more proactive to learn and develop in other interests in my life. I would like to try to be more involved in junior cycling in my hometown.

General Classification
Tim Roe
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  October 28, 1989
Speciality:  General Classification
Height:  182cm
Weight:  68kg

I value a never give in attitude.


Things that Tim likes to do in his spare time:
Spend time with friends (especially people who I do not see while on the bike), reading, eating, camping, taking my dog to the beach and going for a ride or walk with my girlfriend.

Things that Tim wants to do:
Cook more, keep improving on the bike and help people.

The reason why Tim loves riding a bike:
Freedom, fresh air. Riding is a great way to set goals and work towards them. It gives me a great feeling, keeps me healthy and I have a lot of good friends who I ride with.

Places where Tim would like to go:
Thailand, and visit more of the world and experience different cultures. Also would like to take my girlfriend to America to show her where I used to live in Boulder, Colorado.

People who Tim likes to spend time with:
My girlfriend, my parents and brothers, family, friends, motivated people and people who are moving forward.

People who inspire Tim and why:
People who have overcome adversity, have mental toughness and who are their own person with their own views/outlook.

Things that Tim values in a teammate:
Honesty, and never give in attitude.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Tim would like to develop:
Gain more knowledge regarding diet, and develop a plan towards what I will do after cycling.

Lead-out, Sprinter
Malcom Rudolph
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  January 4, 1989
Speciality:  Lead-out, Sprinter
Height:  176cm
Weight:  75kg

Being better than yesterday.

Things that Malcom likes to do in his spare time:
Read, TV, music, movies, long walks on the beach.

Things that Malcom wants to do:
An overseas holiday

The reason why Malcom loves riding a bike:
Fitness, friends, freedom, the lifestyle

Places where Malcom would like to go:
Hawaii, USA

People who Malcom likes to spend time with:
Family and friends

People who inspire Malcom and why:
Those who approach life with a positive outlook despite setbacks and failure

Things that Malcom values in a teammate:

In 2015, outside of cycling, Malcom would like to develop:
Being a better teammate, friend, son, student, and athlete

Sam Spokes
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  April 16, 1992
Speciality:  Climber
Height:  181cm
Weight:  63kg

Ride with the wind in your hair.


Things that Sam likes to do in his spare time
In my spare time I enjoy watching movies and playing video games!

Things that Sam wants to do:
I'd like to start setting up for my future outside of cycling, through investment!

The reason why Sam loves riding a bike:
I love the freedom of riding my bike— Being able to just get out and get the wind in your hair.

Places where Sam would like to go:
I would love to travel around the islands North of Australia.

People who Sam likes to spend time with:
I enjoy spending time with family and friends and most of all, with my fiancée Katelyn.

People who inspire Sam and why:
My dad is my biggest inspiration because he has been in my shoes. I respect his opinions and point of views, both on cycling and life.

Things that Sam values in a teammate:
I value a team mate who is willing to put it all on the line when it is their time but also someone who acknowledges your efforts when you have done the same.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Sam would like to develop:
I would like to develop my life skill set. Being able to bring something to the table besides cycling through the community and my understanding.

Bernard Sulzberger
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  December 5, 1983
Speciality:  All-Rounder
Height:  177cm
Weight:  67kg

It takes passion to succeed.


Things that Bernard likes to do in his spare time:
Spend time with my son and wife

Things that Bernard wants to do:
Teach my son to ride his balance bike he got for Christmas

The reason why Bernard loves riding a bike:
It is therapeutic to me getting out on the bike, relieve stress and I feel better for it.

Places where Bernard would like to go:
Greek Islands

People who Bernard likes to spend time with:
My wife and son

People who inspire Bernard and why:
A person with passion to succeed and willing to do the work to succeed.

Things that Bernard values in a teammate:
Trustworthy, honest, reliable

In 2015, outside of cycling, Bernard would like to develop:
Spend more time with my wife and son.

Wouter Wippert
Nationality:  Dutch
DOB:  August 14, 1990
Speciality:  Sprinter
Height:  178cm
Weight:  75kg

There will always be a way to get there.


Things that Wouter likes to do in his spare time:
Listening to music, have a drink with friends, going out for dinner.

Things that Wouter wants to do:
Traveling to South America and Africa, keep going forward, diving in the world best places

The reason why Wouter loves riding a bike:
It is a great feeling of freedom. I love to be outside (especially when it is sunny!). I thrive in the hectic atmosphere in the final sprint of a race, and race tactics — I simply love it!

Places where Wouter would like to go:
To the beach! Mexico, Good spots for diving. Good places for training, and exploring in new places.

People who Wouter likes to spend time with:
Friends, family, team mates.

People who inspire Wouter and why:
Everyone with a goal in his/her life and try to do everything to reach it. Even if it is hard work there will be always a way to get there!

Things that Wouter values in a teammate:
Honesty and motivation, the best feeling is to reach the final goal all together.

In 2015, outside of cycling, Wouter would like to develop:
Improve my English.